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Paul Brandley
Paul Brandley

Sergeant Paul Brandley has twenty years of law enforcement experience. Educated at Merrimack (BA in Psychology) and Anna Maria College (Masters in Criminal Justice), Paul has worked in the Patrol Division as a uniformed officer and a Sergeant, as well as on plainclothes assignments. For thirteen years, he has served as a SWAT Team Leader and Training Coordinator, and has helped resolve countless preplanned and spontaneous critical incidents, including hostage situations, barricaded gunmen, crime suppression assignments, and high risk warrant service. Brandley even helped create and oversee implementation of statewide mandatory standards for tactical training and safety.

Paul Brandley has also served on his agency’s Use of Force Review Committee, and has instructed military personnel as well as state, local, and federal law enforcement officers a wide range of subjects, including SWAT Tactics, Defensive Tactics, Use of Force, active shooter response, patrol operations, barricaded subject response, firearms, and chemical and less lethal munitions. Brandley has accumulated extensive experience in creative and developing training programs and curricula.

As a Detective Sergeant, Paul currently conducts and supervises investigations involving adult and juvenile offenders who have committed a wide array of crimes, including capital offenses such rape, robbery, and murder. Paul also oversees a gun task force, and conducts investigations of shootings involving officers.

As part of his investigatory training, Brandley completed the Criminalist I and II Course conducted by the University of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island State Crime Lab, focusing on collection, preservation, and analysis of evidence during crime scene investigations.

In addition to his Detective Sergeant responsibilities, Brandley also serves as the Vice President of the Rhode Island Tactical Officers Association, and is a member of the National Rifle Association, the RI Criminalist Association, the Florida SWAT Association, the National Tactical Officers Association, and the FBI National Academy Associates. He has also served on numerous personal protection details for celebrities, and his written work has been published in a wide array of law enforcement periodicals.

Kodiak Tactical Systems

Paul Brandley is the CEO and Lead Instructor at Kodiak Tactical Systems, a company dedicated to developing and manufacturing products needed to prepare law enforcement officers for critical situations. Staffed by current and former officers and trainers, SWAT operators, military personnel, and manufacturing professionals, Kodiak Tactical offers the best designs, the best warranties, and the best customer support in the industry.

Spartan International Consulting Group

Paul Brandley also founded Spartan International Consulting Group, which provides a wide variety of services, including training, equipment, consulting, and personal protection. Their mission is to prepare today’s modern warrior for potentially violent confrontations with unknown, unpredictable adversaries. Spartan International’s experts tailor all services to each agency’s needs.